Friday, March 2, 2012

Allycy: Samsung galaxy Note ;)

Hopefully there is less than a weak till I receive my highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note

I`ve already ordered really beautiful leather wallet case and colour hard back cases/ I can`t really explain how exited I am!))
 And today I`ve attended Samsung Galaxy Note Stand in the local mall Dream Town (Студия Galaxy Note) and took part in  cool event where digital artists were drawing you portrait and then Samsung gave every participant free T-shirt and sticker with your digital portrait on it))))

 here is my portrait, and I`ve also got a t-shirt with such print ^__^
oh, btw the artist is talented Sasha


  1. Круто!!!!!!))) я тоже хочу!!!!

    1. да!!! завтра еще будет с 15.00 в Дриме - 3й этаж